Welcome to Truppie family! Have a better understanding of what is Truppie and how it works.

What it is

Truppie is a platform that connects people to many adventures.

What we do

Truppie came to take you out of normal life: school, work, bills, consumism, sedentary lifestyle, boredom, lack of purpose. Truppie is here to present you new possibilities of enjoying your time, feeding your soul and developing as a person. How? Having fun, discovering oneself, exploring new places, making new friends, living new experiences!

We want to show that life can be much more interesting when we prioritize what really makes a difference, what enriches our soul. There resides the key to the true happiness - dettach from material goods, be present and see beauty in each and every moment.

To sum up: Truppie does… truppies! Tours, trails, hikes, events, trips… for us, all kinds of adventures are called truppies. So, what is your truppie?

Who does

Truppie is made by people like you and me. It's people who love what they do on one side, and people who are in love with life on the other side. It's a lot of good energy all together!

Ok, but who does what?

The Guide

The Guide can be an independent professional, or linked to some local agency. They sign up on the platform Truppie, create a profile and create how many truppies as they want. The Guides registration goes through a verification, in order for us to assure the quality of the services providers.

The Explorer

The Explorer can be me, you, any person in search of a new experience. He/she signs up and also has a profile, with information about their preferences. The explorer finds their truppie, books and pays through the website.

The Truppie

Truppie is the platform that connects the Explorer in quest for their next adventure and the Guide who offers it. The Guide creates their own events (aka 'truppies') on our website, which in turn gives the Explorer all the information, support and orientation they need in order to book their tour.

How we do

With no bureaucracy, no difficulty, with transparency, from our hearts.

The truppies are offered by the Guides registered in our platform; they provide all the necessary information so that the Explorer can book the tour straight from the website: date, place, duratino, price, pre-requisites, physical difficulty, required equipments, vacancies, etc.

If there are questions specifically about the event, the Explorer should contact the Guide. If it's a more general question (eg: about different truppies or guides), Truppie is always at your disposal.

Once the Explorer chooses their truppie, the payment is easily made on the website with credit card; and then, voilà, the truppie is booked!

Cancellation policy

In case the Guide cancels the event, the Explorer has two options: 1) refund of 100% or 2) leave the credit with the Guide to be used in a future truppie of their own choice.


Truppie gives the guides freedom to create and manage their own events; they are responsible for booking confirmation, payment, number of vacancies and cancellation. Even though the ultimate responsibility for the event resides with the organizing Guide, Truppie will help with whatever is possible in order to provide the Explorer with the best experience.

To sum up: whether you are a Guide or an Explorer, Truppie wants to make things easy for you, so that more people can have the best experiences of their lives! :)