Frequently Asked Questions

Is Truppie a travel agency?

No. We are a platform that connects guides (independent or from local travel agencies) to people who seek for tours, trips and other types of experiences.

Why Truppie?

Trip + Hippie + Troupe = Truppie! A new concept of lifestyle and life philosophy.

What is a truppie?

Any type of adventure/trip/tour that brings a new, enriching and inspiring experience. Something that contributes to your development as a human being.

What is the relation between Truppie and the guides?

Truppie is the platform which external guides use to create their own truppies. The guides are responsible for the information provided, booking confirmation, payment, number of vacancies, cancellation etc - all done via Truppie website. The guide is the ultimate responsible for the event.

Where is Truppie located?

For now, in Brazil, in the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais. But we have plans to expand to other regions.

How do I book/pay a truppie that I have chosen?

On Truppie, you pay directly through the website with credit card. Once the payment is confirmed, your place is automatically reserved.

What if I'm no longer able to go or give up the event?

Each guide has their own reimbursement policy. It will be clearly stated in the event before you complete the payment.

Who should I refer to in case of questions about a specific truppie?

The organizing guide is the person who knows best about their own truppie, so we recommend you contact them directly by e-mail or telephone (provided in the event page). Anyway, in case of any problems, Truppie will be glad to help too :)

Can I register myself as a guide on Truppie?

If you are any kind of guide (travel, nature, adventure, photography, yoga etc), either working independently or in an agency, and - very important - if you feel synergy between our values, you are welcome to join Truppie as our guide!

Can I book two truppies for the same day?

No. Once you commit with one guide, they are counting on your presence at their event. You cannot be in two places at the same time, right?